Alem Cinema


  • Alem Creative Art Center was established in 2004 GC under Haile and Alem International PLC. It is located under Bole Sub City, Africa Avenue, behind Alem Building.


  • To motivate art families to demonstrate their artistic works for others
  • To contribute one step for the growth of art industry in Ethiopia by providing artistic works (Gallery, movies, theatre, etc)
  • Delivering comfortable multipurpose hall for different purposes

Refresh your mind!!!

  Now Showing     ENGIDA THEIYTER 1, people like this movie  

 Will be released latter

Type: Drama

Length: 1:45

Actors:  shemeles Abera, ethaferawe mberatu, Alazaer samuel



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 will be released latter

Type: Comedy

Length: 1:40

Actors:  Nesanate workenahe, Sehare Abedulekrame, Antnhe Tessfaye



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