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About Alem Cinema

Alem Cinema is a pioneer and leader in the cinema industry. It was the first privately owned cinema in Ethiopia opened in April 2004. Alem Cinema is committed to nurture the advancement of the cinema business. It is very reputable for creating opportunities to domestic filmmakers who produce films in local languages. For the past 15 years, Alem Cinema has been the preferred choice because they offer many attractive benefits such as refreshments, comfort seating, and clear screenings. The cinema operates two movie theaters with a combined seat capacity of over 700. We consistently offer new entertaining movies in Amharic on a regular basis (Monday to Sunday). We have three spots everyday scheduled in two hour intervals at each of the two theaters. Saturday and Sunday we screen children’s films as well. Alem Cinema’s staff will ensure our customers are well treated and that they enjoy themselves during their visit.

Sister Companies

HAI is a Private Limited Company established by Haile Gebreselassie and his wife Alem Tilahun in Ethiopia since 2000. Haile Gebreselassie is a celebrated long distance runner who holds numerous world records, four World Championships, and two Olympic gold medals. Filled with love for their nation Ethiopia, Haile and Alem were inspired to create job opportunities for the people and offer extraordinary attractions in the country. We are immensely proud to provide over 2,000 jobs now across HAI’s business entities. After beginning in the real estate business, HAI expanded into multi-business sectors that include hospitality (hotels, resorts, tour and travel, and hotel Management College) cinema, gym, Bride City and Spa, schools, and agriculture. We only offer the finest quality products such as our organic honey and our delicious coffee that is available for export. Providing excellent customer service and offering luxury relaxation for our clients is our pleasure.

Haile Resorts

Haile Hospitality Group (HHG) is a group of businesses focused on the hospitality sector. Ethiopian Hospitality is renowned for going above and beyond for the guest and we want to exhibit that into our operations. Across Ethiopia we have established a chain of supreme brand hotels and resorts throughout the most popular attraction sites in the country.

Alem Bride City

Alem Bride City and Spa is a Unique Salon and Spa located in Addis Ababa focused on providing elegant beautification services for brides and grooms. We offer custom packages and tailored services to assure the client’s individual needs are met for their special day. We pamper our customers in an environment of serenity complemented with relaxing massage and invigorating spa that will flush out toxins and provide glowing and smooth skin.

Haile Real Estate

Haile Real Estate is one of the pioneers in the private real estate sector in Ethiopia, since 2000. Initially, we focused on constructing buildings for leasing at prime locations in Bahir Dar City and in Addis Ababa

Haile Coffee

Haile Coffee™ is a specialty coffee harvested from our own farm, Haile Estate Plantation at Yeppo, planted on over 1,100 hectares of land in successive batches from 2013 to 2016. The coffee is grown with rich soil and an ideal climate with the perfect amount of rainfall. Ethiopia is already known for the production of the world’s best coffee, and somehow, Haile Coffee produces something even more special.